Recovering lost domains

If an important domain has expired - don't panic, we can still help!

Recovering lost domains

It happens from time to time! Domains do sometimes accidentally expire:

  • Perhaps it was set to auto-renew on your old credit card, which had expired by the time the renewal was due
  • Perhaps the renewal reminders were being sent to the email address of an ex-employee - and bouncing as a result
  • Perhaps the domain was registered by an ex-employee in their own name and they've decided they didn't need the domain any more.
  • Or most commonly... maybe the renewal was simply forgotten.

If the worst has happened and one of your domains has expired (or is about to expire), we can still help - get in touch with us as early as possible. The longer you leave it, the more difficult it becomes to recover the domain.  But there are grace periods which you can (and should) take advantage of, and we can help you use these to get your domain back.

We have a strong record of successful recoveries for expired domains (although, please note, there is no guarantee of success).

Help me recover my domain

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