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29 March 2017

by Aileen Boyle, Senior Manager

Escrivo is absolutely delighted that Gail Mullard has joined them as Digital Marketing Associate.

Escrivo Welcome New Digital Marketing Associate


With skills and experience in the field of digital consultancy, strategy and digital marketing implementation, Gail's approach is quite simply to think like a customer and prioritise customer experience and service. Gail will be responsible for leading Escrivo's digital marketing offering to ensure clients have the best possible advice on how to promote their new platform.

Gail, founder of  Mash Marketing, has previously held posts at Attercopia and Nester Healthcare Group. She is an experienced and highly respected figure within the industry, and it was while at  Mash Marketing that Gail honed her skills around social media strategy, as well as the management of and analytical tracking of key performance indicators (KPIS).

Over the past decade, Gail has worked with a variety of brands to position them effectively in their market using digital technologies.  Gail said: "I want to show that digital marketing is an integral part of our projects, that by creating a road-map for your business you can gain an insight into what your audience needs from your site and what you will need in terms of digital technologies."

Aileen Boyle, Senior Manager, of Escrivo: "Gail absolutely understands the importance to our clients of insight and strategy in creating customer journey maps, and creating a marketing funnel with objectives and tactics.  A key strength is Gail's ability to understand what makes a business work and why people want to use its services or its products."

Aileen added "Escrivo helps customers to take their vision of their business and translate it into tangible solutions. In being results-orientated, we can support our clients' operational requirements. In bringing Gail's skill-set in-house, Escrivo is simply offering a more complete service line."