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Since making its first appearance in 2006, the concept of Cloud Computing - shared computing capability, purchased and used as a utility service, like electricity - is now commonplace. Cloud Computing is now critical to the success of many online businesses.

Cloud Computing Architecture

In the context of developing business and web applications, when we refer to Cloud Computing it is usually "Infrastructure As A Service" (IaaS) that we are thinking of: raw computing services ("infrastructure", such as servers, storage, databases, networking capability etc) that are available to combine in any combination to create your software solution.

Common uses of Cloud Computing

  • Application hosting
  • Content Delivery
  • Media hosting
  • Web hosting
  • Backup and Storage
  • Databases
  • E-Commerce
  • High Performance Computing

Two questions are common:

  • What can you do to extend existing applications to take advantage of Cloud technology?
  • What use can be made of Cloud Computing in your new systems?

To answer these questions requires a strong understanding of the technologies, concepts, challenges and pitfalls of developing in the Cloud.

Our experienced Cloud Architecture team can help you achieve the six important benefits of cloud computing:

  • Cost efficiency - identifying opportunities to minimise resource usage and take advantage of "pay only for what you use" pricing.
  • Agility - designing solutions with resources that fit with your business and can be created, adjusted and deleted at will.
  • Scalability and resource efficiency - creating architectures that can be scaled up or down instantly with zero lead time.
  • Fault-Tolerance and resilience - developing solutions that are built to survive unexpected outages.
  • Security - structuring cloud solutions to be logically and physically secure.
  • Performance - utilising cloud resources to deliver consistent and predictable performance irrespective of workload.

Amazon AWS Consulting Partner logo

Escrivo is a Amazon AWS Consulting Partner. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most mature of the public cloud platforms and provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud. In 2012 Escrivo became one of the first AWS Partners to gain public designation as a Consulting Partner.

The following short video from AWS outlines how their cloud infrastructure can be used to integrate with your existing systems - we have experience of working with all the technologies referred to:

In addition to being an AWS Consulting Partner, we have experience of architecting solutions for Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.

Recent Cloud Architecture and Cloud Development projects have included

  • migration of application hosting from dedicated physical servers to cloud hosting for cost efficiency and scalability;
  • integration of existing web applications with cloud storage for scalability and content delivery;
  • development of a highly scalable cloud-hosted API providing real-time shared access to "big data" customer datasets for CRM and mobile applications.

We can work with you to integrate existing systems with Cloud technology, migrate existing systems to the Cloud, or we can start fresh and develop new applications in the Cloud