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Create your plan to use the internet as a channel to build your business.

Digital Strategy

Your Digital Strategy:
A long-term roadmap for your internet activity:

  • An analysis of your competitive environment and your current activity
  • Your goals for the internet as channel for doing business
  • Target markets, positioning and mix
  • How you will achieve your goals
  • The resources and action needed for implementation

A focused Digital Strategy underpins the success of your online presence - creating this with proper planning helps you clarify your objectives and priorities, plan your future online activities and tactics, and most importantly set in place the measures that you will use to gauge your success.

There are several key stages when strategic planning can be particularly helpful:

  • At start-up - defining the online presence you will need to support your business as it develops and grows.
  • Preparing for growth - identifying what you will need to support the growth you anticipate.
  • To regain control - providing direction & structure to your online activities, bringing things back under control.

Our digital strategy development process is based on three simple steps - defining the opportunity; determining your approach; and deciding your delivery tactics.

Strategy Development kick-off session

A focused 1-day workshop to get things moving. Participants map out the scope and structure of your digital strategy to initiate a strategy development engagement. If you prefer, the workshop can be run as a stand-alone diagnostic session to set a direction for future Digital Strategy development and to identify quick wins. We will document everything afterwards, and for diagnostic sessions we will review your progress with you after 3 months.

Digital Strategy Development engagement

Working from the outputs of the kick-off session, our work programme includes all aspects of the Digital Strategy Development process. We vary the details of our work and the length of our engagement to suit your specific circumstances. They key output is a detailed Digital Strategy document that brings together the objectives & targets, your strategic approach and delivery tactics. We will review progress with you 3 months after we deliver the strategy document.

Ongoing strategic support

We provide ongoing support, advice and mentoring to ensure that your Digital Strategy is put into action. Your Digital Strategy may need to adapt to changing circumstances and new opportunities and we work with you to update your objectives, approaches and tactics when required.