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Stable and reliable eCommerce hosting services are fundamental to the success of every website.  ECommerce Solutions and Web Applications typically have complex hosting requirements - it's critical to get your hosting services specified and configured correctly.

Hosting solutions

We help you confirm your hosting requirements, then we specify and configure the appropriate eCommerce hosting solutions to meet them.

eCommerce solutions typically handle complex and sensitive information, such as financial transactions and healthcare records; accordingly secure eCommerce hosting is of paramount importance. It is vital that you can be confident that your eCommerce hosting service is robust enough to process mission-critical information.

A good eCommerce hosting company will be able to provide services that deliver:

  • support for SSL certificates for encryption of browser traffic;
  • access to robust and well-protected database hosting facilities;
  • protection of servers by firewalls, which can be configured as required when integration with your other business systems is needed;
  • adequate backup facilities for both application code and data;
  • sufficient processing power and bandwidth to handle spikes in traffic - for example, many eBusinesses experience substantial peaks in demand, perhaps at specific times of day or in response to seasonal demand;
  • appropriate provision of technical support services;
  • support for integration with third-party systems and components.

Your eCommerce web hosting solution must also provide access to backup facilities for both your application code and your data. While many eCommerce hosting companies will handle the backup process on your behalf, it goes without saying that you should have access to the backup files if necessary. It is also worth checking whether the hosting company's default backup arrangements are suitable for your requirements.

We regularly specify, supply and configure eCommerce web hosting solutions on our clients' behalf. We can arrange eCommerce hosting services on both dedicated servers and, for smaller organisations, on shared-server hosting plans.

For more information about our eCommerce hosting solutions, please contact us.