Domain portfolio management

Why are your domain registrations so important?

Domains are an important part of brand and trademark defence and protection - If you own a brand or a trademark you should ensure that you have registered the related domains, e.g. to prevent “cybersquatting”. For complete protection, you should include trademarks, misspellings, and typos from the range of generic and country-specific top-level domains that fits with your business operations.

Domains are an important intellectual property asset and need to be managed appropriately - If you have a portfolio of domain registrations, these should be actively managed by ensuring the accuracy of the registrant information. Your domains also need to be renewed on time to ensure the continuity of the registration and to avoid losing important domains.

Domains are the most important way that customers find you online - Your website may be updated or refreshed periodically but your primary domain is normally a more permanent feature and should be treated accordingly. Your secondary domains should be redirected to appropriate landing pages to ensure that customers can find you and your services.

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How Escrivo helps with domain management

We provide a full suite of domain registration services

A single named point of contact for all domains and DNS transactions

Domain registration and renewal services for hundreds of Top-Level Domains

Fully-managed domain transfers and support for domain acquisition and disposal

Domain portfolio management and audit services for any number of domains, from a single domain to thousands

Domain recovery solutions

Domain forwarding for secondary domains

We also offer a range of domains-related services for professional advisors.

Why should you ask us to manage your domain portfolio?

Managing a domains portfolio can be complicated. Have you experienced any of these common situations?

Domains are registered by staff throughout your organisation with little or no control over the registrars and registrant details they use.

Years after the original registration, the automated renewal emails end up in your spam filter (or worse - somebody else's) and as a consequence, domains have expired by accident.

Your domains were registered by a variety of friends, ex-employees and suppliers on your behalf - and you don't know who you need to speak to about an urgent problem.

Your domains were registered in a collection of names that look similar to your company name - but none of them actually correct.

You acquired a pre-registered domain (e.g. as part of a business acquisition), but you don't know if it was ever properly transferred to you.

It feels as if every registry and registrar has their own way of doing things, and it's confusing or challenging to get them to let you use your domain the way you want to.

If any of this sounds familiar - we can help! (...and we publish our Code of Practice for how we do things.)

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A service to help you manage your domains

Our Portfolio Management service brings together all our domain services.

Our domain management service covers Domain Registrations, Domain Renewals, Domain Transfers, acquisitions and disposals, Domain registration updates and corrections, Domain expiry and resale, and DNS updates.

We consolidate and centralise your domain portfolio management, becoming a central point for managing all your domain registrations.

We provide a named point of contact, and can accept instructions from as many (or as few) people in your organisation as required.

Our consolidation and transfer processes are an easy way to ensure accurate registrant information across all your domain registrations - an important consideration for Intellectual Property managers.

We can also provide "privacy registrations" to provide anonymity on your domain registration, and complete flexibility for DNS records (including SPF records, DomainKeys, Subdomains, CNAMEs etc) from multiple redundant DNS servers in different geographic locations.

We work with your existing registrars or agents to get your domains transferred to us. There is no requirement for downtime (i.e. your website, email, and other online services can continue to run normally) and we manage the process entirely on your behalf.

If you'd like to discuss the benefits of our domain portfolio management service then please get in touch.


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