Our Domains Management Code of Practice

These terms cover our approach to domain registrations.

The Communications Act 2003 requires every provider of a public electronic communications network or service to comply with Ofcom general conditions, which include an obligation to provide domestic and small business customers with a code of practice approved by Ofcom (where a small business is one with 10 or fewer employees or volunteers).

1. What can you expect?

The Internet industry is highly competitive, offering a wide choice to Registrants. We will make sure that you are aware of the charges associated with any domain name registration, renewal and maintenance in advance of any transaction, and provide details of our domain name related services you provide, including how to invoke our service, and any additional charges payable.

If our charges change, we will make you aware of this prior to applying any charges.

If you need us to make a change to your domain name related services, contact us within business hours via our normal contact details and we will action your request as soon as practically possible. We commit to complete your request within 1 business day - although in normal circumstances we will usually be able to action your request more quickly than this. Please be aware that some changes can take up to 24hrs to take effect - we will advise you of this when we acknowledge your request.

2. Registrant Data

You must provide us with correct Registrant data, which we will use to register your domains. In practice this means you must not knowingly provide poor quality Registrant data. If we believe the data you have provided is incorrect, out of date or otherwise of poor quality, we will ask you to correct the data.

In some circumstances it is possible to opt-out of providing your postal address on the WHOIS record for your domain. We will make you aware of this opportunity if it applies to you.

If we receive a request to register a domain name, we will always expect to register the domain name in your name. We may however register the domain name in our name (for example, to provide a registrant with a degree of anonymity) but will only do so with your explicit prior consent, in writing.

We will always take steps to validate the data you provide to ensure that the data on your domain registration is reliable.  These steps may include checking UK address details with the Royal Mail postcode checker service, confirming the data from our own knowledge of the registrant as an existing client/customer, validating the data with Companies House or the Electoral Register or non-UK equivalents or similar third-party source, or where we are unable to validate your registrant data we will ask to see a recent utility bill or similar document.

For .uk domains: If we are unable to validate the data you provide within 30 days, we will ask the registry to suspend your domain name until the data can be validated. Suspending your domain name means that the domain will stop functioning and you may lose access to services; your domain will not be "lost" unless you choose not to renew at the end of the registration period. Please note that, for audit purposes, we may be required to provide Nominet with details of the validation steps that we took for any registrant data you have provided.

For most other (non .uk) domains: ICANN has introduced a Registrant Verification requirement which has similar implications if the registrant email address cannot be verified.

If your domain is suspended please contact us for assistance.

3. Registration contract

Registering a .uk domain name involves making a three-way contract with Nominet and your registrar (us). The current version of the Terms of Domain Name Registration for .uk domains can be found here.

For other registries, contractual terms vary and copies of their terms can be provided upon request.

4. Renewals, expiry & deletions

We register domains for fixed periods (typically 2 years although other periods can also be arranged) and every domain registration has an expiry date. 

As your domain nears its expiry date we will contact you with a reminder notice asking for your instructions about whether you wish to renew or expire your registration.  We will typically start this process around 6 weeks prior to the expiry date and we will continue to attempt to contact you until the domain expiry date. If you do not respond to our reminder notices then we will not automatically renew your domain registration. After the expiry date there is a short grace period (typically 14 days) before the domain enters a recovery period and is scheduled for deletion (meaning it is returned to the pool of domains available for registration by a third party). If you want to be certain that your domain has been secured then please give us your renewal instruction in advance of the expiry date.

If required, you can ask for a domain to be expired prior to the expiry date.

5. Handling complaints & enquiries

General enquiries can be expected to be dealt with within 1 business day. You can contact us via the contact details listed here.

For registrants, abuse complaints can be reported by sending an email to abuse@escrivo.com - this email address is monitored regularly during business hours and you can expect a response within 1 business day.

If you are dissatisfied with our service, please contact us during normal office hours and speak to your normal Escrivo contact to attempt to resolve the issue.

If you are not happy with the response you receive and wish to make an escalated complaint, please contact our managing director, who will ensure that your concerns are dealt with promptly and appropriately. Complaints are always acknowledged within 1 business day.


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