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Founded in 2002, Escrivo was formed by Managing Director Cameron Leask, with a clear objective to deliver professional Internet Consulting services to our clients.

We recognise that in addition to external legal, accounting or commercial property advisors, many organisations have a commercial requirement for professional Internet Consulting support.

Our team brings experience of designing and delivering enterprise-class solutions for bluechip organisations in several industry sectors. This breadth of experience means that we understand - better than many - how the internet can be used to deliver commercial benefit, in a wide variety of situations.

We work with clients who understand the value of hiring a specialist to do a specialist's job, and who appreciate the benefits that accrue from maintaining an ongoing commercial relationship with their professional advisors. Our clients vary in both size and industry sector, but they share a common goal - to make an asset from their use of the internet: an investment that works for their organisation, a platform that supports, promotes and enhances what they do.

If you'd like more information or specific examples of our work that might be relevant to your current situtation, please contact us for details.