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Central Scotland Ballet School asked Escrivo to create an online shop to reduce the amount of teaching time lost in processing orders for uniforms.

Our solution was based on implementing an open source shopping cart and designed as a seamless extension of the rest of the client's website.

Watch this short (2 minutes) video to learn more:

(The video is also available on Youtube at

The key benefits of the project were:

  • An increase in available teaching time, in the region of 2-3 minutes per order, as a consequence of moving order capture and payment processing processes online.
  • Improved cashflow by ensuring that all orders are paid for in advance
  • Reduced cash handling overheads - which also reduces risk for the dance teachers (typically they operate as "Lone Workers")
  • Higher average order values as a consequence of having the full range of products available to view - something that hadn't previously been feasible, as the school teaches in multiple venues
  • Very positive feedback from customers (parents and students)

The bottom line:

We've increased the value of the website by: 

  • Improved cashflow and turnover
  • Improved recognition amongst their customers and peers
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Increased the utility from existing hosting services
  • Reduced risk

...and most importantly, we've released extra time for teaching

Some of the key technical aspects of this project included:

  • We made sure that the the the online shop has a simple look and feel - the custom theme has retained the simplicity of the existing website and ensured a consistent user experience for visitors
  • We ensured, by adding social media sharing buttons to product pages, that the client could maximise the impact of new products within their extensive social media activities.
  • Although they are visually integrated, behind the scenes the website CMS and ecommerce platform are completely independent. We were able to arrange the client's website hosting to ensure that the new ecommerce components could be accomodated within the client's existing hosting arrangements.
  • We provided advice, support and eCommerce training during product population and configuration prior to go live.

For more information about the benefits of eCommerce for your business, please contact us.

We'd like to thank Central Scotland Ballet School for allowing us to use their project as a case study.