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For us, web applications are business systems developed using internet technologies. They add value by supporting, automating and synchronising your business processes, and they often integrate with other systems.

We have developed a wide range of web application solutions for our clients. These business systems apply internet technologies to support and drive their business processes to enhance the quality of their business.

Our web applications are browser-based - meaning they can be accessed and used using a web browser - simplifying deployment and eliminating the need for desktop PC software.

Web applications are generally built to be used in one of two scenarios:

  • Systems for internal use: The web application is available for use only on your internal network and is not visible to public users.  This is a common scenario for order-processing systems and customer management tools for example.
  • Systems for external use: The web application is available for use on the public internet and can be accessed (perhaps only with a username & password) by external users.  This is a common scenario for systems that need to be accessed by business partners or customers ("extranets").

Of course, it's quite common for web-based applications to have both an internal and an external component, for example where the internal application processes information that is collected by the external part of the system.

Web applications are often 100% bespoke software and our pragmatic development approach to building web-based applications incorporates many current best practices to ensure the success of your project.  However, we can also make use of pre-built software packages (which can then be customised) if this provides the most appropriate solution to your requirements.

Our web application development experience

We've developed a very wide range of bespoke web-based applications, including:

Can we develop a web application or business system for you?

We've built web applications and business systems for many organisations and we've got a lot of experience and case study material as a consequence.  If you need to automate part of your business process, or reduce manual input, or streamline part of your operations, we may be able to help.