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If you don't need to do business online, a "simple" website that adds value by generating leads or enquiries, or to be your online brochure, is probably what you have in mind.  But your website still has a lot of work to do!


Many clients tell us they "just need a simple website". However even the simplest websites need to deliver a lot of value. In particular, your website should be something you can actually make use of in your business, and that means several things - including:

  • Your website needs flexibility to handle changes in the future. 
  • Pages need to load quickly to keep visitors engaged.
  • Your website must be search engine friendly
  • Your website must integrate properly with any social media or other online marketing services you need to use.
  • You need support and guidance to help you make best use of your website.

All of these are important to make sure that your website generates business - whether your website has 5 or 500 pages.

Our approach to building your website

Our approach is simple: we will...

  • Plan, build and launch your website - We’ll work with you to plan, build and launch your public website platform. This work includes developing sitemaps, visual appearance, page templates, integration with third party systems (if appropriate) and content management tools, email marketing integration, social media integration, and hosting migration;
  • Support you during your training and testing processes If appropriate, we’ll provide training for your use of the content management tools, and mentoring on how to make the most of the social media integration to promote and publicise the project to your target markets. We’ll also support you free of charge while you test the website and populate it with content ready for go-live.
  • Provide support post go-live We’ll provide free technical support for one month after go-live (and paid options after that) to make sure that any technical issues are handled - along with a comprehensive range of aftercare benefits that help you get the most from your website.

Who is this for?

We build websites for organisations of every size.  We take the same basic approach to building websites regardless of size, although if you have a larger budget it allows us to add bespoke features and do more detailed planning work.

If you're a startup, or a smaller SME, you might want to look at our Website Solutions for Startups.